A company's IT organisation must effectively manage the current systems portfolio and technical infrastructure. They must continue to maintain, enhance and optimise legacy systems to satisfy existing demands whilst developing new applications, notwithstanding having to react to mandatory changes enforced by legislation changes.

Quantum is able to provide a comprehensive range of services to support your current systems. This could ease the extra pressure and release existing resources for development work. Our support service can vary from the provision of a single specialist skill to total facilities management. Typically, Quantum provides full application support facilities from our help desk in Mumbai.

Top Skills

We can reduce your support cost

Providing single low cost support package

Providing shared support contract

We can enhance your application while supporting

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Improve your support process

Providing more visibility on application health and notification

Vigilant monitoring of applications by a technical team

Providing out of hours support

Improve your business process

Providing cost affective technical suggestions

Business process reengineering

Upgrading existing application without any additional cost

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